Multiplayer search inop?


Coconut God
I know I'm getting senile, but I could swear that any multiplayer session used to pop up a message "searching for multiplayer games in progress" or something, not getting that now? Instead it goes right to the option to launch the game and act as host without looking to see if someone else is already hosting.
Senile? Wait 'till you get to my age

Jim --

That message disappeared with the last patch.

The route page, on the right hand side, has three columns. One shows the number of multiplayer sessions running.

I find that if I go Route / Session and then pause for a few moments the multiplayer games will then show in the list of sessions.

Yabbut I had WAY too much fun back in the 60s!

Anyway it ain't the years, it's the mileage, come talk to me when you're a great-grandpa. :p Got the Chicago Metro multiplayer test session running now, waiting for a kid with TS Mac and wifi to see if he can join, dunno if it will work with Mac or if it works with wifi at all yet.
Forgot to mention, you're welcome to join too, assuming you can download the new route and session and 500 megs of dependencies before the Second Coming. :hehe:
Okay, just not getting this;


"The route page, on the right hand side, has three columns. One shows the number of multiplayer sessions running."

Not here it don't.
Wot - not here?

"Not here it don't."

Of course it don't.

You are in the "Sessions" screen.

Click on "Back to Routes" for the routes screen. Can you see the three columns there?
Look and thou shalt find

The three columns on the right. Hover the mouse over the triangles at the top of each column.

Column 1 will ask if you want to sort the list by the number of active multiplayer sessions that are running.
Ah. Okay, downloading KrashNburne and IntenCity multiplayer now, probably have better luck seeing something other than zero in that first column. Main problem here is "the underlying technology" is allegedly there between TS12 and TS Mac multiplayer, but when I hosted a session he couldn't see it, when he hosted a session I couldn't see it.

Straight answer to simple question - are TS12 multiplayer and TS Mac multiplayer INTENDED to be compatible or not? Whether it's actually possible or not remains to be seen, whether the underlying technology theoretically exists for compatibility is not the question, the question is: Were TS12 multiplayer and TS Mac multiplayer designed (and tested!) with mutual compatibility in mind or not?
yes / no / maybe / perhaps

Jim --

I think the N3V team has answered that question before?

Unfortunately I was unable to work out whether their answer was yes / no / maybe / perhaps.

I thought that was the purpose of your experiment? If so the answer seems to be "probably not".

Should I bring this up in the Beta Testers' forum?

Well, if it was an answer, google translate don't turn it into Chicagoan for me.

The question is did they INTEND compatibility, not whether it happened to be potentially compatible by accident rather than design. If they never intended for TS12 and TS Mac users to multiplay together then it's probably more trouble than it's worth to get it working, if their intent was to DELIBERATELY make them compatible for the express purpose of allowing PC and Mac users to play together, then they obviously didn't do it right.