I need help to import models from Blender into Trainz 2022 - I want to import XPT


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G'day everyone,

Lately I've been searching up on how to exactly import models, locomotives and rolling stock into Trainz 2022 even when I brought Trains 2019, I can't seem to find any tutorials or I just must be completely blind.

I have a NSW XPT model, which has been created by the author and Youtuber 'Meshd' meshd - YouTube he has given me his kind permission to distribute his XPT models into any train simulation games which I'm not the only one 'meshd' provided his XPT models to, just pointing out that!

I have been successful at importing the XPT models into Train Simulator Classic, see here Australian Rolling Stock | Dovetail Games Forums of course, the configuration is a bit confusing but overall the XPT works in TS Classic. And since I've got back into Trainz because of the excellent route called Illawarra South Coast Australia. I've been wanting to add the XPT models into Trainz but every time I search exactly how to add locomotives and rolling stock it's either I'm just too dumb and blind or I just can't find anything. I'm hoping someone could help me, please!

I already know how to create the New Content template but as for everything else I just don't know where to start.

My tutorials provide the complete workflow for using Blender to make models for Trainz, including export of the model from Blender. Blender models, ready for export, are provided so one can start with the export step and work through the process.



Hi Cayden,

I have visited your channel before, I do find it somewhat useful to a certain extent. But I'm looking for help to import locomotives and rolling stock into Trainz. Pretty much all I need to know is a full list of part naming and setting up the configuration files to make them work in Trainz for all types of locomotives and rolling stock.

Thanks for your reply :)
I find the later versions of Blender that use collections much easier to organise different LOD meshes and animation if used. Moving to FBX rather than IM opens up a world of new and better materials.

But if you must stick with Blender 2.79 and IM then my old tutorial for that versions is here: https://online.ts2009.com/mediaWiki/index.php/HowTo/Export_from_Blender. I don't maintain that page any more.

Riley's excellent IM exporter is here: https://github.com/rileyzzz/BlenderIMExporter Works for Blender 2.8 and later. Don't know if there is a tutorial for that but users of the older exporter will find it easy to use.

My basic Blender FBX tutorial is here: https://online.ts2009.com/mediaWiki/index.php/HowTo/Export_from_Blender_using_FBX That is literally only intended to get you started with a very easy asset. Try Cayden's tutorials for more complex stuff.

Making a Trainz traincar or loco/powered vehicle is a bit of a quantum jump in complexity as such assets are literally a mesh asset with lots of other assets supporting it such as bogies, enginespecs, interiors, etc. I learned by finding a similar asset by a good author and dissecting the config to find out what each part does.

You can also find help on the Trainz Discord server.
It actually says to obtain it from another Trainz Content Developer as the original host service removed it. If you send me a message via a new conversation (top right) or on the Trainz Discord server (DM), I'll send you a copy.

I know you prefer Blender 2.79b but it's really getting a bit old.