Timed Check Point [TANE] Rule


Cab mode weirdo
Has anybody used the <kuid:169301:100239> Timed Check Point [TANE] rule? It looks interesting, as it would allow managing the player score in passenger session with a single rule instead of half a dozen ones. Unfortunately, I have been unable to understand which variable it affects.

The description says it must be used as a child rule of a "Check Trackside" rule, and I did so (see below)

I set it at 05.58 AM, no bonus for early arrival, 100 points for arrival on time and 1 point/second penalty for late arrival.

When the train stops at the selected TM, the "progress" variable is increased by 1, the popup message appears, but the "score" variable remains at zero.

The session already included a variable named "score"; when I had no results on the first test, I changed the variable name to "Score" with a capital "S" but the rule still doesn't work.

Can someone point out where I made a mistake?

AFAIK variables cannot have negative values -- 0 is the minimum. Have you tried setting "score" > 0 to start with? You are more likely to arrive slightly late than bang on the nose. That would hold the score at 0.