Targs is Back, and I need some help to get upto speed!


Targ (Chris)
Hi Guys,
I know it's been a long time since I have shown my Head in Trainz. So, as I was recently diagnosed and have been getting treatment for Cancer. I seem to have a lot of spare time on my hands .. and thought I would get back into Trainz and continue to work ON my Post of Brisbane Route.
Bring it up to date as I live nearby.
However, it seems like it's been 10+ years since I have gotten my hands dirty in Trainz.
I gave up after an intendent that I'm not going to go back into. OH, the time that was lost in that.

So. My reason for starting this Post is, I am glad to see my content that I created is still part of the trainz DLC and even the Port of Brisbane Route. SO, I have Downloaded everything I created and yes, my route runs and looks the same or better however it does list a lot of Missing Dependencies. I'm not surprised at all by this as I did in the end use a lot of items that was not part of Tane. however, from my memory there was way of finding the missing dependencies and replacing them. but I don't seem to be able to locate that option anymore. or I'm looking in the wrong spot now.

Also, I was hoping that someone could point me in the direction of a good guide on creating a package (I think that's what I have to do) so I can a multiplayer surveyor. I have a family member who is keen on giving me a hand. While he is my son and lives just under 100k's away and we speak on discord nearly every night. he is a busy man, and I don't wish to burden him with teaching me what I need to do. Thus, the need for a good guy. for an old man. Maybe even a Video on YouTube. While I have had a search. either I'm not searching for the right thing or everyone else picked this up easy, or the change was gradual enough that it it didn't need a guide.

Anyway, Thanks for Getting to the bottom of this post.
and thanks for any help you can give me.

Targanon (Targs35)
Hey there. Though not knowledgeable enough to provide technical help I will wish you healing and restoration.
Probably the best tool for finding 3rd party kuids is going to be this website, @targanon.

Trainz Kuid Index

It's now on V2 of the website. It is a very large database site that maintains working links to content from existing and defunct Trainz websites all around the world.
There is a subscription fee of 15 USD per year. Payable through PayPal.

Current stats :
  • Total number of kuids in the data base : 1,008,627
  • Kuids from the DLS of N3V/Auran : 691,328
  • Kuids from freeware sites : 486,958
  • Trainz fan sites explored 1,105
  • Kuids found on freeware sites and not available on the DLS : 227,076
  • Built-in kuids : 43,094
    (Kuids included in the following release of Trainz : TRS2004, TRS2006, TRS2009, TS2010, TS12, TANE, TRS19)
  • Lost kuids : 82,036
    (Lost kuids has been found at least one time but are no more found now, following there retirement from freeware sites or from the DLS)
Thanks for the pointers. the link you posted. I only wish I had found it before I hunted down the offending Assets and located what they are and found I am not longer using those assets now anyways, so I removed them.
now to fix the faults