Missing TS_09 asset

In mine, it lists as an unknown asset, but Show asset versions lists <kuid:661281:85005:1> Grass Seasonal 3 as Packaged. I do not know how to identify the specific package it is in.
Try list dependents.
Right-click on the asset and this is in the lower part of the contextual menu.

What this will do is give you the list of routes that use that texture.

<kuid2:57230:100258:14> West from Denver - Moffat Route
<kuid2:122860:101424:11> TRS19 Canadian Rocky Mountains Beavermouth to Ottertail
<kuid2:122860:100316:55> Canadian Rocky Mountains - Columbia River Basin
<kuid2:122860:100436:27> Canadian Rocky Mountains - Golden, BC
<kuid2:122860:100494:19> Canadian Rocky Mountains - Rogers Pass
<kuid2:122860:100505:7> Canadian Rocky Mountains - Kicking Horse Canyon

You don't have any "baggage" coming with your install, so you don't have the older and no obsolete version installed/locked in the packages. Mine is also packaged I forgot to mention that.
Duh! I should have though of that! My brain may be always thinking, but it seems to be doing so a couple smidges less efficiently of late.

I just tried that on the unknown asset and it came up with West from Denver, but none of the other items. I tried it on the known asset with the same results. Are the other assets listed in your post payware packages or your own routes? Ok, I found your user ID, and they are not yours.
In ContentManager the menu entry Content -> Report Containing Packages shows the package(s), which contain the selected asset(s).