Missing Dependencies


NYC RF16 A and B units - Kuid: 770874:103804 and 103805. Also NYC FA2 Kuid:214353:1055.

The above diesels are showing up in CM as having missing dependencies, specifically for both RF16s - unknown asset Kuid:845493:100253 and for Alco FA2 - unknown asset- 138423:110047.

Can anyone identify where these might be found?

Any help appreciated.

Maybe <kuid:138423:1100047>? GP35 Truck CR Front by joram24. The ustrainz site is now up for sale, so maybe no luck unless there is wayback.
<kuid:845493:100253> CPS EMD 48in 8 Blade Fan by Amm4425. I think he is designing for JR now, but I don't know where this came from. It also goes with the PRR RF16s, so maybe there? or throw him a pm.
Thanks Forester. RF 16s now operational but no FA2 yet. Have FA 1 A & B but they are not operating under cab control, only dc. Back to the drawing board