Unkown location prt??


Trainz-Online co-owner
Hello every one I know maybe It's a little bit annoying to read the tekst Unkown location but I've search a lot of topics in and outside this forum.
That means that didn't have fix this problem
Let me tell you I was working more than a half year on a layout but the trees are suddenly hidden, default in auran terms Unkown location
It happen after a update of the contents


<kuid2:935657:2101002:3> Grand Fir 2 (Desktop 2)
<kuid2:935657:2101003:3> Grand Fir 3 (Desktop 2)
<kuid2:935657:2101003:2> Grand Fir 3 (Desktop)
<kuid2:935657:2101004:3> Grand Fir 4 (Desktop 2)
<kuid2:935657:2101004:2> Grand Fir 4 (Desktop)
<kuid:935657:2100031> Horse Chestnut 1 (Desktop)
<kuid2:935657:2100031:1> Horse Chestnut 1 (Desktop)
<kuid:935657:2100032> Horse Chestnut 2 (m)
<kuid:935657:2100033> Horse Chestnut 3 (m)
<kuid2:935657:2100034:1> Horse Chestnut 4 (Desktop)
<kuid2:661281:96672:4> Pine Tree 2 - A - Seasonal
<kuid2:661281:96675:2> Pine Tree 2 - B - Seasonal
<kuid2:935657:2101075:1> Spruce White 0 (Desktop)
<kuid2:935657:2101073:2> Spruce White 3 (Desktop)
<kuid2:935657:2101074:2> Spruce White 4 (Desktop)
<kuid2:661281:96777:1> Tree Poplar D
<kuid2:661281:96781:1> Tree Poplar H
<kuid:935657:2101094> Walnut 4 (m)
Run a DBR (DataBase Repair) first. If that does not work try an EDBR (Extended Database Repair).

You can also try selecting all the Unknown Assets then right click and select Revert to Original
If you updated content, the tree assets may be open for editing.
In Content Manager, change Install to Open for editing.

Highlight anything listed, right-click and choose Submit from the list.

Items that cannot be submitted are built-in or DLC and they need to be reverted.