missing kuid on three ns sd 70 s


i might have posted this on another website. i have three ns sd 70 acc including the yellow flame(yellow bonnet) version. they all need kuid:854493:105489 which i believe are the bogies? i have searched and haven't come up with them. Any help would be hot.
thank you
How many posts do you intend to create with the same already answered question? So I repeat just in case you didn't understand: those locomotives are PAYWARE and all needed assets are embedded in the .cdp you've got with your purchase.
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my computer crashed and the tech cleaned a lot of assets from the files. i had them backed up but hef managed to damage them anyway. they are being sold thru jointed rail but the dependencies aren't hosting the bogies. i lost a lot of payware but i think maybe i have managed to retrieve close to 90% of them.
just need to find the bogies and have three sd 70 s going.
i have been told i lost them changing my email address. never mind i purchased the pair of yellow bonnet and voila all three sd70 acc are making revenue. kinda nice didn't have to do anything they were fixed
No one ever told you you lost them changing your email address. You made a new account, i said the way to get back to what you had prior on your other account was to NOT use the new account and delete it then you never replied.
i apologize . that statement was rude. i have spent over three weeks with the password issues and i hope is finally over.
please accept my apologize