Mchawkman assets SSW B-70-63 skins & XBG SSW B-70-63 v1 box car on the DLS 18Aug14


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Mchawkman assets SSW B-70-63 skins & XBG SSW B-70-63 v1 box car on the DLS 18Aug14

I waited until tonight to post this in case my "unknown dependencies" for this car failed to make it to the DLS last night. They are still not there and unknown.

Mchawkman placed assets SSW B-70-63 skins & XBG SSW B-70-63 v1 box car on the DLS yesterday. They contained two "unknown dependencies", kuid:277064:50001 (listed as an engine spec in the Config file) and kuid:506034:1056 listed in the kuid list but nowhere else in the Config file. I've had no luck locating the first kuid and a Google search shows lots of others looking for it as well. As for the second, I got no results from a Google search but the author is wearsprada and the website is listed in one of his/her assets that I do have. This is a Russian (I assume) site and trying to find it without a name or any other info is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Can anyone tell me where to find these or whether they are built-in items in TS12? Also, has anyone else downloaded this car and the skins and been able to get them to work in TS-2010 or TS-12?

I experimented with what I had by substituting an engine spec from another car that uses a separate skins file for the unknown engine spec kuid and removing the 2d unknown kuid from the kuid table. This worked, sort of. I got no errors or warnings so I preceded to Surveyor. The car worked fine with the 1st skin (main1). However, when I selected the 2d or 3d skin the walls, ends, and top of the car disappeared leaving only the trucks and some miscellaneous hardware and the load. In Surveyor, there were no error messages, etc.

Thinking there is a problem with the skin file, I cloned the original boxcar three times. I opened the skins file and copied the 2 tga files for each of the three skins into the cloned boxcar files, one skin file set (main1 to boxcar 1, main2 to boxcar 2, etc.) for each of the 3 cloned boxcars and renamed the two tga files to the same name that was already contained in the original boxcar kuid. I also removed the skin kuid reference from the kuid table of each car. Again, no errors upon committing the cloned boxcars. In Surveyor, each car appeared and worked (3 cars with 3 different skins) but lacked the auto numbers. Surveyor also displayed a scripting type error related to not finding a skins file. So, I went back to the CM and cloned a version of the skins file. I added the skins line back to the kuid list with the cloned skins kuid number. I also edited the cloned skin file and deleted everything except the Config file and the JPG thumbnail file. I went back to Surveyor and now everything works fine with no messages generated in Surveyor. I now have three boxcars with different skins, auto numbering, loads, and doors that open/close.

From this I'm assuming there must be something wrong with the original boxcar file, or the skins file for this to not have worked in the original files but then to have worked in the cloned versions without me getting any errors somewhere in the process.
Not faulty: fr wagon engine kuid:277064:50001 athlonxp 2.5
Not faulty: shadow kuid:506034:1056 wearsprada 2.0 this is what showed up in my dependency list when I downloaded it....both show as built in ts12 3.6
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