Searching For D&RGW 4 Bay Hoppers


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In my continued quest to recreate all three Cajon Pass runaways, I have been on the lookout for suitable hoppers to use for the 69 car consist of SP 7551 East, the first Cajon Pass runaway that flew into Duffy Street in San Bernardino in 1989. I have already taken note that any recognizable hoppers in wreckage photos seem to belong to the D&RGW and include 4 bays like the one shown below.

(Picture is not mine)
I have come across a video of a short recreation of the consist of SP 7551 East and it includes the D&RGW hoppers I am looking for.
(Link To The Video):
I have searched in every place I could think of for these hoppers, including the download station but I have been unable to locate these hoppers. Another thing that makes these hoppers of interest to me is that in the screenshot from the video I have posted above they are shown loaded with a white substance. SP 7551 East had all of its cars loaded with trona, a substance with a white appearance. None of the similar hoppers I currently posses have any white substance I can load them with that looks anything like trona so it further increases the usefulness these hoppers would provide to me. If anyone who sees this knows where to find these hoppers then please be so kind a to post a link or give me a website name and I would be delighted and very much grateful.
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Hello, I found it at Download station it is <kuid2:56063:183009:4> Author is "majekear"

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Hello, I found it at Download station it is <kuid2:56063:183009:4> user is "majekear"


Thank You So Much! I am very grateful that you were able to help me! I didnt know what I was gonna do without these things, so thank you for your help!
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Hello, You're welcome. I researched what Trona mean Soda Ash "sodium carbonate" I understand that Trona is rock mineral, Not available on Download station you get make own commodity
I have one call Water Based Resin my kuid is <kuid:258430:100038>, put add to tanker car then send out to paint mfr and convert to gallon then pickup to lowes or home depot warehouse.

hope you make one