Merging Routes / Modules S2.0 vs. S1.0



Is route merging any better with S2.0 than S1.0?

With S1.0, I have never been able to maneuver either the smaller route / module or the larger route into the desired position. I have been to only move them within the merge window. On the larger route, no matter where I want to merge the smaller route, it will always default to the center of the larger route.

Hopefully S2.0 works better or that there is something that I need to do differently in S1.0

Fred Bray
I am not sure what your problem would be. I have no problem merging routes exactly where I want them. If you can get on Discord, I could show you how I do it.
I read somewhere that in S2.0 you can copy from one route into another - for example copying a rail yard from an existing route rather than having to create it from scratch. I think that it has something to do with what S2.0 calls a scrapbook. Can anyone verify that?


Fred Bray
That's right. Scrapbooks allow you to select and copy fairly large areas and then paste these into other routes.

The size is limited by system memory and your patience since the larger the area, the slower the operation. A single baseboard is quite workable, but doing 10 boards at once may be challenging.

You also can't create scrapbooks in payware routes to use in other routes.