S 2.0 water vs. S1.0



Regarding how S 2.0 treats water vs. S 1.0 - I read somewhere that in S 2.0 that water is a layer and that raising or lowering it in one location affects the entire route.

Can anyone familiar with S 2.0 verify if that is an accurate premise? If so, can you create a route in S 2.0 and then switch to S 1.0 to do the water?

Please let me know.


Fred Bray
Some limited experience with the s2.0 water effect layer.

It is a layer and you can raise and lower it using the brush tool. However, the brush tool only raises and lowers those parts of the water that the brush moves or 'paints" over so you can have "hills" and "valleys" in the water layer. You can even create a smooth slope in the water (great for those water skiing scenes :hehe:). The recommended brush setting is the Set Height action, not the Increase or Decrease Height actions.

There is an option that will raise/lower the entire layer in one go.

See the reference at https://docs.trainzsimulator.com/docs/water-effect-layer

It is not recommended that both the S2.0 Water Layer and the old S1.0 Water are used in the same route.
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You can adjust water to whatever height you like. Using Set Height or Grade = 0% will avoid making hills and valleys.
You can set a global default height when creating a new water layer, and we've recently fixed a few bugs so the next beta will be much better to work with.