M1 Mac - Mouse Pointer Disappears


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Anyone else on an M1 Mac having random, but consistent freezes where the mouse pointer/cursor disappears? If I switch back to another program, the mouse becomes visible again, but anything within TRS22 is frozen (can still use arrow keys to rotate, etc but nothing needing the mouse).

I want to love this program SO much. Every couple years I come back with hope that things have been improved - but its just a nightmare to figure out/make work correctly. No way a $70 piece of software should be this frustrating to use. Awful experience for a customer - every single time.
Haven’t experienced that. Have you submitted a bug report? How long does it take? What Trainz build number? What mouse are you using? Wired or Bluetooth? If Apple mouse, did you try plugging it in to reconnect? What OS Version? They can’t fix Trainz without a bug report and it may not even be their fault. Back when I did have problems, it was a bug in the OS and it didn’t matter what program I was in. No problems lately though.
Are you positive it dissappears or is it just super light? What happens when you "shake" the mouse to enlarge the pointer?
One thing that can cause that is if the game thinks (for whatever reason) that a mouse button is held down. In some instances, holding down the mouse button will intentionally hide the mouse cursor. If the game doesn't realise that the button has been released, then the cursor will remain invisible. Repeating the click (which may be a right-click; if you don't have the secondary click enabled on your mouse then that might require control-clicking) or pressing the 'esc' key might help.