Losing control of mouse


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In TRS19, from time to time, I will be an hour into a session, and then the mouse goes kaput... what I mean is it was working fine, but anytime i try and click on something in the session, the mouse disappears and can't be used. I have to force quit the application and lost all that I have accomplished. Does anyone know what the fix is or how to get the mouse back? I'm running on an M1 Mac with Ventura 13.1.
I've never had that problem. If wired, pull the usb connection and plug it in again. If BlueTooth unconnect and connect again. See if that helps instead of doing a force quit. But as stated, I doubt it's TRS19 else more people would bring it up. You don't have mouse issues at any other time?
BT mouse, and I have tried all the things you mention. I have never had issues with the mouse before. I've been having this issue off and on only in TRS19. I had to reload the OS a week back as I wanted to reinstall a few things and was the easiest way. The issue was before the reinstall of the OS, and it still is happening.
Last time I had that kind of problem there were multiple mouse entries in device manager, both working, odd as only had one mouse and a couple of hidden ones as well, I deleted the lot and rebooted and let Windows install the driver again problem hasn't happened since.
Some Bluetooth devices can be plugged in and used as wired devices. If you have the Apple mouse, then you can’t do that as Apple made the weird decision to put the port on the bottom of the mouse. I have the Apple keyboard and trackpad so I can do that. When I used to have problems, I would just connect the lightning cable to the device having a problem and I’m go to go again. Now I have the connected all the time so I can use them through a KVM to control two computers.