Lost Most Roads Tracks ok ?


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Most asphalt roads are missing from a route today. Other routes look ok. I did full sort but no help.

I will have to revert to a CDP. Question: Do I have to delete the route before using a CDP to install a new copy?
If so ,I get more nervous! !

The amount of personal time and effort to use this thing, only to have it wiped out in milliseconds, is disheartening.
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Hello! The method of deleting the route is the worst you can do :)

If you have discord, please add Fineas10 so we ca talk there.
I have not used discord. But, I will try another full sort. Sometimes that is what it takes. Only one route effected - thankfully. I could probably live with the lost streets/roads. I just cannot afford to make things worse.

Delete and re-install from CDP - same orange boxes. Database Kaput.

I will just delete the route. Several years work, but I am tired constant fiddling of the managed database creating orange boxes & disappearing elements, it is beyond my patience. Others with much greater intellects try to help, but it is a constant battle. When a company deliberately deletes assets in a database, where those assets are in use by CUSTOMERS, it is a breach of quality and reflects badly on management. I am too invested in this, so I will just toss the route and work on something else, hoping that the censors do not attack again.

My earnest plea to N3V -- stop deleting assets that customers are using!
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Only you can delete assets you have used in a route. The asset may be open for edit, so it will show as missing in the route. You may have used an updated asset from a DLC package and later deleted that package.
Something I did not know but, makes sense.

Might be part of an explanation, why there was an erasure of assets from my route.
You are "renting or leasing" an asset package from N3v with a one-time payment.
Just like an apartment, when you move out you can't take the sink with you.
Understandable, but a bit "awkward" if the rented assets are not visible as such.

Cleaning out old unused routes can lead to orange boxes....

Thanks for the explanation.