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a long time ago think it might have been as early as TRS2004 or 2006 i started a Bus route when people were looking for routes with no tracks ....

It was made from 2 maps of Hanalei Island in Halfs merged together from DLS with all the bus routes on it including a couple that are more tourist going to those spots

i gave it up as i got frustrated trying to get the roads to do what I wanted, just taking to many extra spinal pionts to get it to work using busroute1, 2 & w tracks and wondering with the new terrain if it would be easier to complete now as I think i still have the original CDP ...

Thinking about I made 2 was using the NYCTA buses but was not really happy with them so made a left had version using the Daimler single and double decker buses as well.

Thanks in advance

I have several bus routes on a route I am working on. I use the same bus route invisible track splines you mentioned. They are old but work fine. When you have slopes with road splines attached to intersections, the road splines behave differently than the invisible track splines do that are not attached to anything except each other. One solution is more splines points on the invisible track, as you mentioned. The other solution is to have your roads with buses as flat as possible in most areas.

The new HD terrain capabilities (which I have not yet tried) will not help you because you don't have a terrain problem. You have an invisible track spline behaviour problem. But here is an idea:

Download several short fixed track objects of various lengths. Choose one that is the same length as the width of the intersection object. Place the fixed track object on top of the intersection object in the traffic lane you want. Now connect the bus route spline to the fixed track and note the track and ties disappear and take on the appearance of the bus route spline. Now you have a fixed track object to hold the bus route splines in place, as well as an intersection object to hold the road splines in place. This will only work well if the fixed track and the intersection object have identical spacing of the spline attachment points. So it all depends on the intersection objects you use and the fixed track objects you can find.

Give it a try.
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