Looks like the Japanese have a need for Speed

I never knew Japan has a need for speed.... :eek:(Totally dosen't think of the Shinkashen...)

Also, I've seen that maglev before, but I have to say it is pretty awesome.
Yes that is the existing test track which will be part of the Chuo Shinkansen planned to be ready between Tokyo and Nagoya somewhere in 2027.

It is not the first maglev in operation though. The Chinese currently have the Shanghai Maglev. Check youtube for a cabride.
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My thing is, and I have to hope something has been done to address this, but wouldn't a volcanic eruption dropping magnetic ash really gum this whole system up? And I sure wouldn't want to be on that thing when it gets hit with an earthquake or a Tsunami (Any of these three of which aren't exactly uncommon in Japan).