Screenshot of The Week: February 26 to March 11 2024 (No Theme)



1. There will still be occasional themed weeks but this would be reserved for major holidays and notable dates.
2. Weekly cycles will now be extended to bi-weekly to allow more entries to join in.
3. There will no longer be a voting week after submissions close. Instead, you can vote for entries as soon as they're posted by "liking" them, so send your entries in early to give it a longer voting period. You can "like" as many entries as you want!
4. The "likes" are tallied at the end of each cycle and results posted as usual. Any "likes" after this are not counted.
5. If you have feedback or suggestions regarding the new system, feel free to also leave them in the replies below.

There is no theme this week.
One screenshot allowed per entrant. Screenshots must adhere to the Trainz Forum Code of Conduct.

Submissions and voting close on March 11.

Thanks Dart, but this worked fine before (a few weeks ago) and I've used this procedure hundreds of times. I started using it years ago when suddenly I couldn't upload screenshots from my own (http, so insecure) webpages anymore. At that time lots of other people had trouble. I really don't want to have to change the procedure again.

Surely, others are having the same problem?


In the end, I noticed that the image that I had posted from Google Drive ( #4) was no longer showing up, though I had received 15 votes for it. That means all my Screenshots for the last few years have alsi disappeared.

So I had to upload with imgbb!

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Voting is now closed.

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17 peterwise
8 netjam99
7 mightyena
6 davidl25210
6 portlineparker
5 dartrider
5 masashiranui
3 jonwray
I can no longer post a Google Drive image, e.g.:

here using 'Insert Image' like I used to. Why?

I get an error 'Image cannot be loaded from the passed link'

I've done it 100 times! What has changed?


Hey Peter,

The images may not longer be hotlink-able but are still in your Google Drive and you can still share them. Simply put them in a folder separate from all your other files, then share it with the "anyone with the link can access" setting. I'm suggesting this because your screenshots have always been amazing throughout the years and it would be a pity if nobody could see them any more. They may no longer be viewable on individual threads here but if you share that GD folder, we can still look back at them (and all in one place too).