Question about high speed trains


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Happy New years everyone. My question is, Their are only a few highspeed trains in trainz 22, and they are payware with the the trainz+ subscription. The route i have been working on for a year is about 260 miles long. Can files be modifies to go faster than the max 257mph? At that speed it takes about an hour at full speed to go from end to end. I was curious if the files can be modified to go 300-350 mph? The route is far from finished, but I considered naming it The Race Track. I hope to have the route finished by June, or uploading it to the download station in a couple months for users to be able to run the trains wide open. What I understand payware locos and routes are locked from being modified. If anyone might know of faster trains or if anything can be modified, I would appreciated it. Obviously at that speed is on straight track and not curves.
OPINION: 200-250 MPH should be fine under prototypical settings as they are about 320-400 Km/H which EU and Asia use for general top speeds for their high-speed lines. END OPINION.
If prototypical is off the table, then it is a matter of looking "under the hood" at the loco asset's config page and tweaking the speed to taste.
I'd really like to see a California High Speed Rail Map or maybe even DEM's of the current projects across the Americas!