Looking for US standard track

It's a good track, no doubt.
But I somehow got sidetracked and am into the early stages of what John Citron calls a "YATS'! :hehe:
slave-driver track pack!

Throwing back the snowball from USLW being mentioned earlier. I would recommend the track packs that slave driver made all those years ago, on what is currently (as of 11-07-14) pages 12 and 13 on the USLW site. I noticed it's ease to use in TS12 because of the programming that limits the distance of high-poly models, I am having few problems with these tracks. I have run into a hiccup though, the Squeal track among the mentioned track packs sometimes don't work when they are supposed to. I learned this when I was working on a never to be fully completed route recently. There is a sound triggered when the train enters the track segment with the squealing wheel sound by I believe by bnsf50. Any who I am going to look back into this issue when I'm 80% done with a pet project I'm currently working on in conjunction with the Japanese thread here on the forums. But Steamboat if you are feeling motivated you could dig through the cdp file and copy/edit an existing track to include the squealing wheels sound file on any track you want to use for those routes with the tight radius cliff hanging track segments (like this segment on the UP Donner pass).
I use the squeel track in turnouts as the sound gets kind of irritating on long curves ... sort of like visiting the Horseshoe Curve, after a while you put earplugs in your ears, as the squeel gets really old, real quick
Marinemania, your way ahead of me on squeaky track. :eek: Good Lordy! I'll be happy if I can just get it to bend! :confused: Did I mention John Citron will be using this new track. I've got to meet his criteria too. And he may not admit it, but he can be awful picky also.