Procedural Track For US Light Density Operations


I'm building a route that includes a lightly used industrial area and am seeking help finding some procedural track that will reflect the more poorly maintained, lighter rail generally found there. I'm using the TRS19 US 'rust' in that area...and that's sort of 'ok'...but a bit heavy. The other things with lighter rail that I've found don't seem to reflect US tie spacing, details, etc.

Also while on the topic, for that TRS 19 USA procedural track, I"m having trouble locating matching ballast for has a pretty hard 'cut off' on the sides...would love to be able to blend it with a matching ballast, but haven't been able to figure out what matches the density of the ballast that's built into the track. It's a medium dark brown ballast and I can't find one that's a very good match at all.

Any help appreciated!

TrainzForge TF Track Pack is good.
They are also on the DLS as separate track assets under username Trainboi1. Excellent choice imo. A large set with different gauges of track, rail weights, track conditions and ballast types. Can find a use for them on any US themed route using wooden ties and non-welded rail.

Bob Pearson