Tried overlaying narrow gauge dock track with standard rails and it worked!


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Tried a thing the other night in TANE - going and overlaying the narrow gauge dock track on a dock I didn't find a standard gauge version of with standard gauge "rails only", and it worked!
Even doing that at around 2 am, it worked!
The reason was I'm using standard gauge trains and wanted SG track, plus, overlaying the 36in gauge track would then look like guard rails.

It took some finagling at the seaward end, strange things happened, but it turned out that inserting a spline point almost but not quite at end provided a way to overcome the mystery extension in the air.

The dock involved is;
Dock_With_Hoist_1 [Detailed]
Created by: bendorsey
File Size: 1.82 MB
KUID2: <KUID2:210518:300022:1>
Date: 22nd Jan 2016
Downloaded: 1009

Have 2 dock locations, an East dock and a West dock. With finally getting some sleep after doing first one, I forgot which rails only were used and ended up finding a different set for the other dock.

East dock has;
SAP Rusty Track Rails Only SG [Detailed]
TS2009 SP4/TS2010
Created by: MSGSapper
File Size: 519.19 kb
KUID2: <KUID2:439337:101530:1>
Date: 18th Oct 2013
Downloaded: 4422

West dock has a built in set;
1-railsonly 2m

What it worked to do was;
Run SG track up to the dock track and attach it
Then insert a spline point just a few ties away from dock.
Then delete that tiny section.
Add SG rails only SG from end of that track
Go out a little bit sidewas, click track to place
Then use "Apply Vertex Height" to get end of rails only track spline to same level; in my case it was 05.m
Then use "Move Track" to take railsonly out to end of dock's built-in 36in gauge track.
Click and place.
Then things got weird.
Eventually discovered that lucky placement of a spline point almost but not quite at end of SG rails made the look acceptable.
And then I put a rusty yellow bumper on it because I like yellow bumprs being easy to see & my Dad was in the Navy and metal by the sea rusts.





I did the same but I changed the track on the dock to standard gauge so I didn't need to overly any track on top.



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That's a great looking coastal scene.
Can almost see the latest issue of Wooden Boat magazine there on the table right inside the window.

I don't know any more how to go in to the data and change things, did it some on 2006 and 2009, but my health has declined with endocrine and autoimmune diseases & my days of doing deeply precise or technical stuff are mostly over and done with. For example, the last several days I've been using TANE since my body isn't good for working on the HO and all right now; and about 1/3 of the days in a month either my ability to concentrate, or my physical coordination, or both, are off enough that I have no business driving. On the occasional really bad days a page of print might as well be pepper flakes sprinkled on the paper for all that my brain can take it in. Those things are why the job was done this time by a visual and manual instead of intellectual process.
I understand. I too have a Parkinsonian type condition which affects my coordination and a bit of my executive function issues as well as some kind of autoimmune thing going on. Severe dry eyes, mouth, and innards require lots of eyedrops, meds, and other stuff. I noticed something was amiss back in 2003 because I kept messing up my painting of my N-scale models I built. Granted they were cheap Model Power kits, but still I wanted them to look nice. I'd be okay to start with, but by the time I got done, my hands were shaking and I was dropping things. I chocked it up to stress and fatigue. Then the fateful day happened when I dropped an expensive, at the time for me and probably worse now, Alco-RS3 loco. That poor little KATO locomotive ended up hitting the floor at breakneck speed and became a pile of plastic parts, I not only cried, but knew something was definitely wrong. Like you I get awful fatigue and literally crash. I get plenty of rest, but still a good sleep is required daily.

A few years ago, when my doctor mentioned to me about my executive function issues, I laughed and said I guess I could go back to work and be promoted to upper management! All kidding aside, I do stupid things like putting a full pot of water with eggs in it into the microwave. I caught myself before I did any damage, put the pot on the stove, then proceeded to set the cook time on the microwave instead of putting the burner on under the pot! Driving too is a bit of an issue. I've gotten confused so I limit myself to a few miles and take backroads. Gone are my long trips to the piano museum and back located 65 miles west.

Anyway... thank you for the compliments. This is my modified Eastern Point area in Gloucester. I tacked on the stretch from just past Wonson Cove to Eastern Point, a large cut out of a TransDEM created map, on to George Fisher's Gloucester Terminal. I greatly modified everything and run an electric passenger service on the mainline tracks that are shared by freights. This branch runs off the electrified mainline down around the hill to the shore, and is located where a Coast Guard station was once located. Today the area is very gentrified with big mansions and the Coast Guard station is now a park, but in my world I have a fishing dock and other small industries. With the steep grades and tight curves, there is no way to run anything larger than a small switcher down there to the docks.

If you want, I'll send you my modified dock assets I put together a couple of years ago if you have no plans on uploading the route to the DLS.
Aw, thank you, that's a really gracious offer! :)
If you want, I'll send you my modified dock assets I put together a couple of years ago if you have no plans on uploading the route to the DLS.

Since you are living "la vida health trouble" you will likely understand my saying that it's both encouraging and distressing that you are able to grasp the concept from personal experience.
Really sad about that poor unfortunate RS3. :'(

Model Power N has its benefits - back "before the turn of the century" my big model RR project was N scale passenger trains of southeast and mid Atlantic, in particular the L&N.
Model Power's heavyweight passenger cars were simple to reduce to flattened kit form then slice and rearrange the car sides to get a good number of the various designs in car plan books available from the L&N Historical Society. Gave away the models when I moved to On30.

As well as the fallen flag trains I did up some Amtrak with Con-Cor cars and Life-Like's new F40s plus a couple Model Power. Nothing like being young and healthy enough to use slivers of styrene strip and rod to model their fuel fillers and sight glasses!

Life-Like's series of N-scale EMD E-units was quite nice there in the 1990s.

While mentioning routes, the route the docks are on is inspired by the fictional setting for the probably never to be continued On30 layout - a large semi-tropical island with a resort at one end and a scientific rocket launch facility at the other.

Started something with it in TANE around 18 months ago, stopped, then the last couple days have worked on it again.

Painted scenery and added a bit more utility track. Am confident the scenery is not strictly photorealistic, but, hey, it conveys an atmosphere, and that is the level of success that's pleasing me.




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it's cool. I found out long ago that many assets that you match a different gauge rail to it accepts the new gauge with no problem.
Thanks y'all! And inspired by that, I'll show tonight's progress. :)

Nice work by both of you.William

it's cool. I found out long ago that many assets that you match a different gauge rail to it accepts the new gauge with no problem.

Ahh, that could lead to some experimentation in the near future.






And some progress decorating the passenger station;

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