Looking for replacement for screechy stock SD40-2 engine sound.


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I apologize if this in in the wrong place. I coulda sworn there was a forum more related to content but I can't seem to find it. Maybe it was a dream...

I'm looking for replacement for the screechy stock SD40-2 engine sound: emd,<kuid:-1:42003000> AKA emd,<kuid:-25:145>.
It sounds like nails on a chalkboard to me (seems like too much high-mid and not enough true high for a turbine. And not nearly not enough bass for a large diesel...)
Try these:

EMD 16-645E roots blown diesel engine sounds,<kuid2:37581:646:2>
EMD 16-645E diesel engine sounds,<kuid2:45324:53006:1>
There are hundreds of great enginesounds, hornsounds, whistlesounds, bellsounds, wheelsounds, that are very easily inserted into a config file, of offensive sounding loco's. I edited the default enginesound, bell, whistle, and hornsounds of several built-in loco's ... and now they sound great !