What are your favorite locomotives, horns, whistles, bells and enginesounds?


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What are some you don't like so much?

Mine are:

SP SD40T-2,<kuid2:45324:100141:2> by norfolksouthern, he has EMD 16-645 diesel engine sounds,<kuid2:45324:53004:3> in this engine

V/Line S,<kuid:-25:120>
by Auran, many F7's have this enginesound (sweet-sounding gear-driven GM/EMD scavenge blower) and hornsound (a sad minor chord)

SW1500 SP 2539,<kuid:359354:990177>
by btvfd, I have transplanted the GP9 enginesound and hornsound into this yard switcher through editing, I love the charming syncopated bell rhythm

GP9 SP 5623 Black Widow,<kuid:568725:1103> by jregner1955, this engine is an ugly hood unit with a high nose and faded-looking bogies, but it sounds sweet, I wish there was a skin version of this with the gray/bloody nose Southern Pacific paint livery by the same author using the same onboard running gear and sounds

There are some engines I like the looks of but they sound terrible as follows:

SP SD45,<kuid2:45324:100139:3> by norfolksouthern, the engine sound is muddy and highly distorted, I am not allowed to edit it, if I could, I would transplant the enginesound of my beloved SP SD40T-2 by him

ATSF SD45,<kuid2:45324:100140:2>
by norfolksouthern, same muddy enginesound

ATSF C30-7,<kuid2:45324:100022:4> by norfolksouthern, also crappy enginesound, muddy like SD45's

UP SD40-2,<kuid2:523:156564:1> by Auran, also has a green/white BN version, sounds squeaky like a speedy Jetson flying car, overpowering turbo whine, no bass heard, I will have to monkey with this loco one day to see if I can't transplant the SP SD40T-2 engine sound into it

Follow Up: no scratch that, I can't edit those engines without getting a "faulty" message. Some engines allow easy mods, swapping parts like hornsounds and whatnot, others don't.
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