Looking for accurate BR 189 (or Siemens ES64F) engine sounds


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Does anyone know what enginesound is accurate for the Siemens ES64F (BR 189) electric locomotive? I personally don't find the Traxx BR 185 enginesound (kuid:239249:100267) to be very accurate since the BR 189 has its own high pitched sounds and I've been knowing the difference between both the 185 and the 189 since I've been watching too many German railway videos with the 189 class in them. Anyone who have heard the differences will understand me on this.

I once came across a video of the CP 5600/Renfe Class 252 model which came with it's own engine sound. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMQm5M-8I5s
The reason why I just wanted the sound because it sound very similar to the actual Siemens ES64F (or BR 189) electric locomotive sound. I've been searching for this engine a few months ago and I never really found it yet because there were some older Spanish and Portugese websites that have either now non-existent download links or download links to different models that don't have that sound when I was using the Wayback Machine.

Here are the sounds I'm currently using on the newer German Bombardier and Siemens electric locomotives in my Trainz collection and I have them organized based on locomotive type:

1. <kuid:239249:100267> Sound DB145/146/185
- Any Bombardier TRAXX based models (BR 185, Swiss Re 482, etc.) - Except the more recent TRAXX engines (BR 147 and BR 187 - w/new style of headlights) that have a slightly different sound and there's currently no Trainz models of them made yet.

2. <kuid:353138:1252> TAURUS Enginesound

- Any Siemens ES64U Taurus based models (BR 182, OBB 1216, etc.) - This is the most accurate for the Taurus, but it's "musical" startup noise when it departs can only be heard on actual Taurus locomotives and not on the BR 189.

3. <kuid2:404575:1870406011:10> |CJ| Siemens Vectron Sound -OR- <kuid:202789:58001> VECTRON Enginesound

- Any Siemens Vectron based models would normally have these sounds built-in.

4. <kuid:685958:52101> BR101 Enginesound

- Any Adtranz/Bombardier BR 101 based models - Many recent ones have this sound built-in while others originally came with the default Auran electric sounds which I've replaced with this sound.

This is what I'm currently using for any Siemens ES64F models (e.g. BR 189) at the moment:
<kuid:276266:100374> CHN Electric Sound - DC General (from Ocemy's SS9G electric locomotive) - This sounds somewhat similar to the CP 5600 except it isn't high enough to be considered like the actual BR 189.

If anyone knows if that CP 5600/Renfe 252 enginesound is still out there or is there a new, more accurate BR 189/ES64F enginesound that's currently in the works, please let me know. I tend to be hyper OCD with Trainz enginesound files these days because I usually want more accuracy and I do the same with North American diesel models.
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I think my search for it is over since Spain Trainz Rutas has released a highly detailed model of the Renfe 252 class with its own enginesound. It comes with the locomotives and if you don't want the locomotive and only the sounds, just delete it. I will keep this thread open for alternative sounds and comparisons.


UPDATE- This enginesound is a bogey sound, so please install it on only the bogeys of the BR 189 locomotive and replace the engine's original enginesound with a silent one.
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