Looking for Missing Bogies for Sub Par 4-6-0


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I found a very nice 4-6-0 to run on the Denver Northwestern and Pacific by Ben Neal but the bogies seem to be missing from the library for it. does anyone know how to find them ? i was not sure if Ben was still around here...nice engine and would love to run it the bogies are there when i place the tender but they disapper in driving..

Medium 4-6-0 (Ten wheeler)

here is what is called for:

bogey <kuid:96914:504865>
engine 0
name "Baldwin 4-6-0M tender"
mass 10879
company "Undec"
enginespec <kuid:-1:42004201>
asset-filename "blw_twm_tender"

any help much appreicated.

kuid:96914:504865 draws a blank from the library but i see at one point there was a corruption in the DL library so maybe they were lost? Can one subsitute others that are similar?
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ah ok i will try that thanks

that searcher referred me to the common files which i already have some other problem seems to be causing the trucks to disappera.
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I have a little app called CDP Browser2
How it works..you drop a cdp file in it and it will list all assets in the CDP.
If you DL bens locos you will need standard part sets.
Did you check for errors.
Did you commit all assets.
I have all bens locos no errors no warnings.

No I don't remember were i found CMP Browser.
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CDP Browser2 is here:


you need to be registered and signed in but it is free.

and before somebody else says it, I know it does not handle kuid2: versions well but it does have many other pros as can be seen from xcrossi's screenshot.

Edit - I have never noticed a problem with CDP Browser 2 but whenever I mention the utility here someone always comes back and says it does not handle kuid2: versions properly. I have therefore looked at the kuid2: problem further and it seems that it is only a problem when a cdp file contains multiple kuids including kuid2: versions - the kuid2: versions are not displayed. If it is a single cdp with a kuid2: version or a folder containing kuid2: versions then CDP Browser 2 will display the contents of the file correctly.
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wow thanks guys you are all so nice. I was scared i might not have done something right. I am glad Ben's engines work they are very very nice and that 4-6-0 is perfect for the stock pack i am making, i really want it to work. For some reason tho the trucks disappered.

OK, i need to ask a NOOB question..comitting new items, i see that refered to and i am to new i dont know how to do that for sure, i am using 2004 btw, so i hope i can do it in there. When I click on the CDP a box opens up and i install it..but i havent seen where to comitt things myself for sure. Is that in the Content Manager? i have fired that up and it lists stuff but i was never sure if it was listing MY stock or all of what is in the DL library. I see a tab for My Stuff but didnt see anything in it yet. Maybe this is my problem. I am eager to learn so advice is very welcome

that CDP tool sounds wonderful!!!! thanks so much, i was having to use a cumbersome work around that will be a huge help

thanks again for the help. i definitely now have the trucks file, just need to make it show up in the sim ..it shows up in the Railyard view btw. and when i place the cars in Surveyor they are there too..just driving they went away..and looked rather weird to have the tender levitating a long :0

Xcrossi you said:

Did you check for errors.
Did you commit all assets.
I have all bens locos no errors no warnings.

how do you check for errors? that may be a big help for me to know how to do too. thanks again for your detailed help.

thanks again guys.

UPDATE: ok i fired up Content manager and it listed all my stuff, and i did have some errors but not for the engine in quesiotn, i see things that are not compatible but i assume those engines are ok for 2004. thanks i am learning step by step.
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One of the most useful tools for managing objects in TRS2004 is TrainzObjectz. By right clicking on its column headers you can define up to 3 custom colums (like trainz-build).

thanks i found that site and the amazing resources for UK routes but ddnt know about that TrainzObjects sounds great thanks.