Looking for American made Engines from late 1800's


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I'm hoping there might some US made locos from the late 1800's available for Trainz 2012, and rolling stock from that time period if someone can point me in the right direction.

Search for author = tbryson2 or pencil42 on the DLS for standard gauge locomotives and rolling stock. Also Dap has done a large collection of rolling stock from that era in standard gauge.

For narrow gauge there are considerably more locos and cars. More than I can think of off the top of my head. togog and elvenor are two authors that can get you started.

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Thanks for the replies. I should have specified Standard Gauge. I wonder if anyone has created engines / rolling stock / track for the wider gauge that the southern US states were using around the Civil War period. That's not what I'm looking to recreate, just curious.

Trains had to be changed when traveling between the north and south.

Amazing to me that all the track in the south was converted to standard gauge in just one day about a decade after the Civil War. Lots and lots of people were moving just one rail in a few inches to make them all match up with the standard gauge tracks used in the North and during the western expansion, with the exception of Narrow Gauge for mountain regions.
I asked the same question once, here is the answer I got: All of them got re-gauged after 1880 so not much out there if any.
While tbryson2 did the W & A RR locomotives General, Texas, and Yonah and pencil42 did some rolling stock for that railroad, I believe they are all standard gauge. Edit: I just dug through the DLS and I don't see any 5 ft gauge track. There is some Russian track at 1520mm.
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Pencil42 makes a 5ft gauge turntable that is correct to the period. It goes with the "TSM Track WWL SK R-50 old 12" track on the DLS.
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Yes, at least some of the TSM track is actually 5' gauge, as that is the standard gauge in Russia and some of the surrounding countries. I haven't made any 5' gauge rolling stock, though I'd be happy to update my W&ARR stuff if Terry updates his locos....

Wow....impressive ! Thanks Mick and Normhart......very nice screenshot :)
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Don't know if this helps. "Curtis" (Pencil42) and bdaneal, have both made some beautiful locomotives for the Virginia and Truckee You may have to do some work to get them into 2012' and I have as yet not tried to convert them into tane. Try contacting Pencil 42 (Carson Car Shops).