list of train sims in order when came out

hello to all:

so i was hoping to by engines from jointed rail but all their engines are made up to trs19. and rrmods us up to trs12.
so i was looking for a list on trainz web site that list in order them they come out starting with trs06.

do you know where i can find the list so i know trs06 tane, trs12, trs19 not in that order i thought tane came out before trs12 and after trs19.

i have tane and looking for engines and rolling stock.

i have some engines saved on an external hd and same for rolling stock. but thinking is that the ones saved the engines and rolling stock might not have all the dependencies for them to work.

The wikipedia article for Trainz has a list but the basic order is:
What does when a Trainz version was released have to do with your need?
TANE can use anything Trainz build 4.5 and below while TRS19 can use anything Trainz build 5.0 and below.

But the truth is that the older something is, the more likely it will have errors when used in TANE or TRS19.
Not long ago, I did some content clean up. My content contains the content for every version I used except for TC 1&2. I felt it was time to remove the stuff since it hadn't been used like it used to be because we've pretty much moved on from that era of Trainzing. A few days later, I downloaded a route and many of the older assets I had removed were reinstalled again. So much for that plan!

You see, the older content may be old, but it's also quite viable especially for backgrounds where the detail isn't needed. The older builders are flatter, are boxes, and have simple textures and are also in many cases quite low poly assets. We have to remember that back then the computers didn't have the horsepower to muscle through the high resolution meshes and textures and all the other fancy stuff we do today.

So, with that said I recommend keeping the older content installed rather than pulling it off to the side. This will save your download time and sometimes your search for dependencies because many of these older dependencies are still used in modern content.
wreeder: hello

so to answer your question im trying to get some rolling stock and engines (freeware and payware) from jointedrail and rrmods web site and alot of their rolling stock says from trs12 to trs19 or trs12 to trs22 compatibility . something in that effect and i needed a list of when the tane version came out on that list.
hope that answers your question and thanks for the question .

jcitron hello:

yeah i have some engines and rolling stock saved on an external hd but i think that some dependencies pops up as missing or faulty i would not be able to find.
i even have some engines from world of trainz web site mixed in and that i do not know which ones from trainz pro routs, razorback, or rrmods, and jointedrail they all mixed in. i guess i did not label them good enough for myself just the engines name and make like sd70 and so on for example drgw sd50. i might have some content on thumb drive.

perrock hello

thanks for the list