Look ing For A Good Signal to Rplace This one See picture attached to message


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or Signal 003 (kuid:-25.817) and Signal L003 (kuid:-25:839)
I would suggest looking at some the very good signals on the JR website. The safetran searchlight signals are very good.
I have tried those Signals but they don't have one that matches that particular one and the railroad I'm modelling has lots of these
A photograph of the real ones would help us know what you are looking for. I use Safetrans signals as well.


Im Also looking for this signal and other things to emulate this scene in the pic above and also a question what should the next signal be down the line (GO Transit Stouville line Linconville ON)
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JointedRail released updated seachlights that include ones with staggered heads.

Also we can't see that image link, try uploading it to somewhere like Imgur?