How easy/difficult is it to fix the code for signal scripts?


Route Building Rocks
This is in regard to fixing the code for the RRS Signal Scripts. Apparently, they were broken during one of the Trainz 2019 updates and due to the creator abandoning their upkeep, they havent fixed. This basically means if you make any edits to the signals in suveyor, they wont save upon exiting the game. This issue has been bugging me for quite some time, especially due to the lack of serviceable alternatives out there to certian signals like the Amtrak colorlight and PRR position light signals (yes I know others exist out there but they feel like a downgrade visually and potentially when compared to the RRS stuff), and its gotten to where I was thinking about fixing the problem myself. I should point out first and foremost that I know nothing about code, which is why Im asking if this task will be difficult or easy. Because I know you cant just replace the rrs signal script asset with another one (unless that's possible but idk). I would appreciate any feedback on this. because I feel like this could benefit other creators out there who want to use these signals to their full potential. Thanks!