LMS/BR Standards


UK railfan
I have recently been searching for an LMS/BR Standard class 2/4/5 etc. The only ones I have found are the 4MT tanks by Alex23 and the LMS/BR Black 5's by 4ndlloyd. The problem i am facing is that there is not a custom cab for the 4MT (which i highly value on the loco's) and I can't find one that will fit it well. The problem with the Black 5 is that it seems to have the qualities of a diesel, e.g 8 power notches and an enginesound that only changes pace when moving up or down a notch.
I know i have said a lot here, but any help on how to fix these issues i have found will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance,
There's a standard 4 mogul by Trainboi1 with a weathered reskin by 4ndylloyd. There's also a type 2 mogul coming up by LNERlover5. The other place to look is the S&C pack which has Black 5s, 8Fs, Britannias and 9Fs.
That mogul sounds great! Thanks again for the help! (for once, a forum with people that reply within 3 weeks!) I'm afraid I can't get the settle and carlisle pack because i have no budget, but thanks for the advice anyway.
(i'm posting a lot recently aren't I!)
If you keep an eye out the S&C pack goes on sale quite frequently, often for prices that are the equivalent of about a fiver.
As far as I'm aware it should work with TS Mac 2, which is a higher version/build than TS12, you might want to get confirmation from a Mac user though.