Kauai 2008 won't install

I came across the route "Kauai 2008" by Dinoricus_Redundicus on the download station and it looked interesting, so I tried to download it. I eventually got all the dependencies installed but the route itself will not install. I keep trying to download it, but it won't install. If there's no way to download it, could someone send the the CDP for it?
I'd like to help, but I'm confused on a few points there.

You have TS2 Mac, but I don't know what that is exactly. Is it the equivalent of TANE or one of the earlier versions of Trainz? It's important because Kauai 2008 <kuid:68213:100008> should be compatible with anything from TRS2004 up to TS12 (at least it is in PC versions). However it isn't compatible with TANE, or rather TANE isn't compatible with it due to a new map file format required by TANE. It downloads the CDP and installs it OK, but when you come to opening the route, there is no ground map or scenery showing. Is that what you're seeing?

To overcome that problem I recently released an update called Kauai 2008 in TANE <kuid2:68213:100008:1>, which does install and load OK into TANE.

So if TS2 Mac is TANE, try "Kauai 2008 in TANE" instead of the original Kauai 2008. If not, I am happy to send you a CDP of the original Kauai 2008 to try. Let me know how. But since I never tested that route in any Mac version of Trainz, I can't say what it will do.

~ Deane

p.s. I see you support spelling, grammar, and punctuation, so can I point out the spelling error you made in my forum nickname? :p
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TS Mac 2 is equivalent to TS12, and the problem is that it won't download. Basically I click download on it in content manager, the download bar pops up, it searches for it, and stops the download, without actually downloading it. I think that sending it would work. Sorry about misspelling your name, for some reason it stuck in my head as having a c in it.
Not your fault, that stupid nickname was never meant to last this long, but I'm stuck with it now.

The CDP file is about 33 MB in size, too big to e-mail. How can I send it? I have access to OneDrive on my PC but have no idea how to use it for sharing files.

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Suggest the OP download it via FTP from DLS

Yes, probably the best option.

When I first checked the DLS, I found the Kauai 2008 map but didn't see an FTP download option. Second time I checked, I must have clicked the "Download Page" link and up came a page with both FTP and Download Helper options. Since CM came along, I've obviously forgotten so much about how the DLS pages work.

The search function seems flaky. Using "Kauai" as a title and with TRS2004 ticked, it failed to find the Kauai 2008 layout (only some older Kauai layouts and a session). I could only get it by plugging in its Kuid. Maybe the servers are a bit rusty when it comes to retrieving old routes.
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