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I currently have been off the game for about 4 years and have not logged into my Jr account I recently purchased the 22 version of the game and have been trying for days to log into my JR account it does not take my password I try to reset the password using my email and username it says it sends a link and I never get the link I've done this about 15 times can anybody help me with this or has something changed with JR and my club car purchase and all that stuff just disappeared
please shoot us an email with your email address/information to the sales or support @ jointedrail.com email address ( yes i spaced that out intentionally) and we can take a look. There is no information here i can look at based on your forums user to really figure out who you are.
OKay, but if you never tell us who you are how are we supposed to help? Upon seeing this post I tried to find out who you might be, but do not know. Please send an email.