Wordfence blocked me again


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Why do you guys have Wordfence installed on your site? I guessed the wrong password too many times and now it has locked me out from even creating a new password and I think I have to wait up to 24 hours before trying again. Oh well, I'll just have to wait. I guess you have that to prevent spamming or being hacked but you are locking out legitimate users who are trying to log in or recover their password. Maybe I should save my login info next time after I reset my password so that I don't run into that problem again.
What you need is a password manager. Most (all?) browser have one built in and there are external managers that you can add as an extension to your browser - I use LastPass which has a free version but there are others.

LastPass keeps track of your web links, such as these forums, and their passwords. It will also generate random passwords of variable complexity - which the built-in one supplied with Firefox will also do.

Unlike the built-in password managers, the external ones do require a master password to access their password vault so you still have to remember a password but only one.