Locomotives Randomly Overheating


New member
Hi all,

Seemingly out of the blue, some of my JointedRail locomotives have started to have issues with overheating. I didn't even know this was possible in the game and I've been playing for years. I will get several warning messages in the HUD saying something along the lines of "Warning: SD70ACe #XXXX is in danger of overheating, reduce throttle" before they are eventually taken offline and no longer provide power. This is only happening with a few JR locos, particularly SD70MACs and the new ACes (which I've used for a long time and are unmodified, without issue). The GEVOs aren't having issues with the same power settings and circumstances. Also, the JR-specific setting "enable locomotive breakdowns" checkbox is unchecked. I'd appreciate any help in remedying this.

Thank you.