Mytrainz login succeeded, but build authorization has failed


New member
I'm using Trainz 2022, and I've been hit with a "Your MyTrainz account lacks authorization for this product" & "Mytrainz login succeeded, but build authorization has failed" error when trying to install third party content.
I have tried everything: Restarting the game, deleting my login details and restarting the game, changing my password and re-entering my login into to the game (to which the game didn't recognize my account, and the new password was typed properly) and I've changed back to my old password & it recognized my account but still nothing. I'm back at square one.

So any help will be appreciated
Which TRS22 have you got installed? It sounds like you may have a Plus version but don't have a membership or you had a temporary trial version that has expired.
The Trainz plus version of TRS22 that I got as a free trial when I bought the platinum version.
That might explain a few things actually...