It's Coming?

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I'm guessing its not only the GP35Es, but something steam related. Maybe that big boy that got pushed to the back burner and surfaced in the screenies/renders thread, or maybe a completely new E8/9 A/B unit pair? Although I am hoping its ANL's stuff...............either way i'll be grabbing both T:ANE and Trainz 12 again so I think I've got all my bases covered.

And, as a real long shot back, that amazingly nice Alco RSD-15 in LS&I paint? Is that the big surprise?
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Ok , is it freewere, or pay were, sorry I seem I can't it, :wave:

Never mind, found it, sorry I little slow, merry Christmas, thank you, :wave:
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It's also a famous football play where all of the receivers run straight and the QB thows a bomber pass and hopes the receiver catches it
Hello, JR. Chris here.

Just got the Christmas newsletter and saw P.S. It's coming......:) at the bottom. Is this what i think it is? Or is it completely different? Just wonderin'. :p

Keep calm and (try to) wait for it,

Aussie content :)

Keep calm and stop doing this please
Great. You even manage to ruin the Christmas spirit, Ebeneezer. Could you NOT ruin every single thread i post? IS THAT POSSIBLE? I bet not. Not for you. Merry Christmas, i guess.
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