New PC and Trainz Plus install issues


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I have bought a new PC at last as my old one was pretty ancient and thought it would be easy to move my Trainz local data but I am rather puzzled about why it is not working.

I have always had my data - not just TRainz but everything other than the program files on C: on a seperate drive for several reasons. My new PC came with a 1 Tb SSD with Win11 so I took the two HDDs and 2 Tb SSD out of my old PC and put them in the new one and they are all working. The Trainz files are on the 2 Tb SSD, drive H.
I installed TrainzPlus from the myTrainz site and the first thing I did after starting Trainz was to go to settings and changed the local data folder path to H:\Games\Trainz\TRS22 and then restarted the game as prompted. When I went back in I was disappointed to find that none of my content was present. I did a database repair, which only took a few seconds, which I thought was suspicious as my install has probably hundreds of Gb and usually takes ages.
Looking at H:\Games\Trainz\TRS22 in Windows Explorer shows no change to the modification date of anything, it is all yesterday so I am pretty sure Trainz hasn't touched that. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated, this is so frustrating! I've moved my data folder before, from the small and full SSD it was to the 2 Tb SSD I bought specifically for Trainz.
The screenshot will hopefully show exactly what is going on here if it works - new to Windows 11 and everything seems unfamiliar!

Quite simply, you have pointed the path to the folder you installed and not the build******** folder inside it. You need to open your folder to find the builder folder.