TANE partial Milwaukee Road


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This one route fails to load textures in any session.

Other routes that came with today's TANE download are fine.

I bought TANE because of Trains19 crashing regularly and trains 22 crashing always on my i7 with an older GeForce 750ti.

Ideas ?

i do run other sims on this homebuilt PC of mine.

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Greetings RShifflet. Could you post the KUID number of the route, or the full title (preferably the KUID number). Then we could know for sure which route to look at. There are multiple Milwaukee routes on the DLS. Also post the KUID numbers of the sessions. Thanks!
I don't remember exactly if it was built-in to TMR or if I got it by owning TANE Deluxe but Milwaukee Road Avery-Drexal by Tume is installed payware in my TMR install. It is kuid2:82412:104611:9 Trainz build 4.3. It works fine for me and I have a GeForce 1050 Ti with 4GB of memory on the card. Your GPU might have too little memory to run the route but I doubt it.