iPortal Routes - Who likes them ?


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Who likes iPortal routes ?

Is there anyone who does not know how to configure them ?

Is there any input from anyone, of reasons why they do not like iPortal routes (pro's vs con's) ?

I wish to promote the use of iPortal routes in the Community.

I am really starting to use iPortal all the time, to transmit trains to separate routes within my own PC ... and I hope to learn how to iPortal trains to someone else's iPortal routes, over the internet
So, I can run a train into a portal on ONE of my routes and have it come out on ANOTHER route of mine? I am interested on how to do that as I am, eventually wanting to complete routes in various parts of the country where I have lived (MS, AL, TN, VA, NC, PA and other areas); there are so many that had interesting sights along all of them. It would be cool to start a train, say, down in MS on my Port of Gulfport route, follow it along through my Smoky Mountain RY route through E Tennessee and points North through routes I haven't started...yet !!

Please tell me more.
Portals can send trains only to other Portals on one route, that is open on your own PC ... iPortals can send trains to any other iPortal route on your own PC, and to any persons iPortal route worldwide, over the internet.

Both users need to have the same consist assets downloaded, in order to iPortal a consist.
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You can, and you can even send trains to other players.

There are some issues such as if you dont have the same content the other player is sending you you dont get the train. But other then that, I like them.
My route is too big in MB, so I am breaking it down into several separate iPortal route segments.

So I will eventually be able to drive a train from:

Enola/Harrisburg to Huntingdon (leave the station, and 1 mile later exit that route)
Enter Huntingdon to Johnstown (leave the station, and 1 mile later exit that route)
Enter Johnstown to Pitcairn (leave the station, and 1 mile later exit that route)
Enter Pitcairn to Conway

Enter the East Broad Top RR via Mount Union (via the Enola/Harrisburg to Huntingdon DEM)
I use the iPortal Tunnel, as it is easier to see, and configure ... the Basic iPortal is harder to configure, as it is nearly invisible, and on 4 track mainlines it is hard to click on, so as to configure all 4 of them.

I use this renamable sign, to give instrctions to users that have my route: http://forums.auran.com/trainz/show...le-signs-no-backgrounds&p=1347664#post1347664

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I use iPortals with a group of friends, like Jib said there are some caveats but for the most part they work OK. Both parties have to have the same equipment installed and the same version of TrainZ. I generally use the iPortal_Basic and associated lib from the DLS.
Use Quick Portal Manager v2 to configure your route(s), this allows you send consists between routes on your computer. The route(s) do not need to be open on your computer for this and the Rule will except different portals, not just the I-Portal. Depending on your firewall, you may need to shut it down when I-portaling.

Very interesting ... so you can use "Portals" over the internet ... and also within separate routes on your own PC ?

Do any of the 4 "Quick Portal Manager" require "Multiplayer" mode be running ?
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I didn't know what Iportal was, but it is really cool! You could have an iPortal with a platform next to it to make a crew change point.
Very interesting ... so you can use "Portals" over the internet ... and also within separate routes on your own PC ?

Do any of the 4 " &" require "Multiplayer" mode be running ?

None, all is required is the Portal or I-portal & Quick Portal Manager to work.

I believe that only 2 iPortals are made, by LLJ, and both require the (SwedishTrainzWorks) STW Drive Rule ... which allows you to take control of your STW iPortal train, only after the last train car exits the iPortal
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When I did Iportaling back years ago the problem is that people wanted to use rolling stock from websites and it became a problem down loading them with all there dependents.
Yes I agree that some of the website rolling stock look a lot better, but you are only going to see it for a day then you will be moving it on to the next player.
Along with that the Car hauls what you need it for then that all that is needed.
Another thing is that one person produces a product and no one else can product that product but everyone can consume that product. You should be able to Product a few products but remember that others will need to product something. like This if someone produces coal then everybody need coal to run there power station) (If someone has a saw mill he consumes logs but produces woodchips & lumber but 2 or more has to agree to consume either one or the other.
I remember that if someone was not on you could send someone a train and they would get it when they got on the next time.
Now it,s better if a agreement that a time be set up to run this session a good time would be from 7pm to 9 pm after dinner & tell bed time.
Good luck Let me know if you start.
A another thing is that it would be better if you sent straight to a person and not in a ring where the person is next to you in that ring is not there then it might take days for you to get your supplies.