Intersection problem


Unidentified bogie
I've ran into a bit of problem in Surveyor.


I can't figure out for the life of me how to make a seamless Y intersection. It doesn't help that the terrain is a hill. I thought I would try using a texture, but I've dug through my collection, as well as looking for over an hour through the DLS but I can't find a single texture that matches the road exactly.

Splines don't work either.


Anyone have some suggestions? :(
Why not just make it a solid texture and use Paintshop to add the lines? I assume you can do this with PS as I've little experience with it.
Anyone know of a texture that matches the road. I've dug through the DLS for another hour and I still can't seem to find anything. :'(
Some intersections that are circular like the one you have can have no lines in it at all. For example, a plain concrete circular plaza might work well placed right over the intersection. Then use invisible roads to connect to your streets to keep the traffic flowing.

A circular rotary would work well at the intersection with some invisible roads.
Do you have access to the texture files of the road you are using. I run TRS04 and have on occasion used the texture files for the road to create my own texture and used it to cover the intersection. This is possible if the road is from DLS. You can even add stripes over the texture..

Is this intersection close to a railway, or directly visible from the in-cab camera of a train? If not, I wouldn't bother - just spray a light gray texture over the intersection, and save the polygon count!
It looks like 106916:10079 might be a close match. Who made the road? Have you checked they didn't release a matching texture?

Just paint it grey, with lights there, as you have 3 lanes going into 2, which is quite complicated. Use a texture, or make a scenery plane the same colour as the road.
The AJS street kit will fit your needs nicely. You can make just about any kind of road with that kit. And it comes with road textures.