Installing TS19 Plus?


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I've been changing my c:\ drive from a disc to a SSD. In the process of tidying -up, I've deleted about 2-3 installs of TS19 to avoid confusion - didn't work!

I would now like to re-install my TS19 Plus - however, I can't see this as a download for install...
I have installed TS19 Platinum (previously purchased) and I have a current subscription to the TS19Plus version.

The instructions are confusing - apparently the retail version isn't the plus version, so I should
"To access Trainz Plus features, please install Trainz Plus Edition and patch using Trainz Plus stream"

The Trains Plus download installs TS22 Plus - there isn't an option for TS19 plus download.

The TS19 version downloads, and I can select the Platinum update stream - this gives ma a couple of patches and reports as TS2019 Platinum.

Anyone have simple instructions for a confused Trainzer? (installs of TM17, TRS 2009, TS22, TS22Beta are all fine!)

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Open MyTrainz at the top of this page. Select TRS19 from the product download list. This takes you to the TRS19 PE install.

Don't forget Trainz loads two folders, one for the actual game and one for all the data. The game folder can be placed on any drive you wish but the data folder always installs on the C drive. You can move that folder after the installation if you wish.
Thanks - the download is 114800.
I did move the data folder (as per instructions) and the program runs and finds the data.
Changing the update stream to TS 19 PE updated to build117009 - which is the platinum edition.

However, I was looking to install the TS 19Plus version - this seems to have disappeared?

Or do I install the "standard version, change the update stream to TS19 plus?

There is nothing like TRS19plus or TRS22plus, it's Trainzplus, which is always the latest version (currently TRS22) with additional, new features.

Thanks Peter,

So I'm going back to TS19 Platinum, and losing anything from the TS19 Plus version.

Wish that had been made more obvious before I downloaded several times.
Trainz Plus was based upon TRS19 up to the release of TRS19 SP5 and TRS19 Platinum Build 117009. After those releases, the base of Trainz Plus became TRS22.exe and from that we got the retail version of TRS22 Standard Edition which is now at SP2 and TRS22 Platinum Edition. At some point in the next year, Train Plus will change to be based on the next version of Trainz, maybe TRS25.exe. The easy way to understand is to think of Trainz Plus as the developmental version of the next version of the next retail version. Tony doesn't like that terminology as he prefers Phased Development instead. So your TRS22 is the same as what you're calling TRS19 Plus at the time it came out. If you still have a Trainz Plus subscription you can download it to get all the new features added in the last 20 months.
Thanks again.

I was hoping to be able to take some older routes through the sequence of versions, but I suspect that's difficult!


I see, well if you have a Trainz Plus subscription then a copy of TRS19 SP5 is available for download. That would be Trainz build version 5.0 which should be compatible for anyone still using TRS19.