Illawarra South Cost NSW Route Unknown Assets.


HI, Guys, I recently downloaded this route but it has a heap of unknown assets. In the route discription it gives the following advice so I was hoping someone can help me with this.
"To avoid missing dependencies, a standard install of TRS19 SP3 and T:ANE Deluxe routes is required. A dependency pack is linked in the Freeware Announcements forum for the few non DLS assets used."
I have down loaded the TANE routes but I can't find the dependency pack which is mentioned. Can anybody help with this?
Thanks for your response and all the hard work, it's a great route. I can't begin to imagine the hours that went into it.
I hate to be a pain, I have downloaded everything I could find but unfortunatety still have unknown deps.
kuid2:629836:21014:1, kuid2:629836:21005:1, kuid2:629836:21006:1, kuid2:629836:21005:1, kuid2:629836:21015:1, kuid2:629836:2101, kuid:363280:101108, kuid:363280:101107, kuid:363280:101106, kuid:804089:100032, kuid:804089:100033, kuid:804089:100406, kuid2:102738:1060:1, kuid2:102738:1061:1
kuid2:102738:1051:1, kuid2:102738:1050:1, kuid:296005:100548, kuid2:567005:21054:1, kuid:682645:100134.
Any help would be appreciated.
It looks like you have not installed the dependency pack from my Google Drive which is linked on the announcement page.
You were right, I had downloaded the pack but hadn't installed it. All is good now apart from some of Rangers signals which are faulty.
Thanks a lot.