I am interested in the DESIRO


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Does somebody know if the DESIRO from TRAINZ 2007, is delivered with the middle waggon or not?

I saw it with the middle waggon on the gmax-download payware area...I could buy it there (80 $), but if it is delivered with TRAINZ 2007, I will be happy to buy that one (circa 30 €).

Thanks for your efforts in advance.
I don't think the G-max downloads are actually useable in Trainz. It's just a mesh for G-max.
In any case, the current Desiros are diesels, which only come as a 2 car set anyway. Only the electrics have middle cars, so unless the creators of the Trainz Desiro comes out with an electric version, we're not likely to see a middle car in Trainz.
Although I would like an electric Desiro.

:cool: Claude