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Could someone confirm if they can navigate the pages at the bottom of the main page on this site. I've tried two different browsers and I can't navigate to the other pages. 1,2,3,4,5 etc. It's like they're dead links. I'm trying to download dependencies for the Whiteshore Route on JR.

The site seems to behave a bit odd in Firefox. At the initial load the links at the bottom didn't work in Firefox. Clicking the 'Downloads' link and using the 'page back' button of Firefox did enable the links at the bottom.

I also use FireFox (v35.0.1) with the NoScript extension. Worked just fine for me. Is your version up-to-date? You know we gotta ask.
Try the compatibility mode and see if that works. Click on Tools and Compatibility View Settings... and add in the site.


Thanks. That trick worked for me in IE... Now the page links don't seem to be dead and I can navigate to them.