How many ATLS triggers


CN SD40-2 Fan
Just a question. How many ATLS triggers are need to run this:


This is BNSF50's Grade Xing FEC 6L 90R Cantilevers & Grade Xing NRC 6L Artic w ped gate. There's two tracks passing through. Should I use the four trigger system for each track or eight or sixteen.
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The total depends on Is each line 1 way or 2 way running. If 1 way, minimum is 4 total trigs.

2 way per rail I would go for 4 tigs per rail for 8 total
Okay. Thanks and thanks for the inspiration the do a crossing like this. Also is there a way to make the cantilevers go off the same time, instead of 10 seconds later?
A train has to pass the exact number of triggers you have set the mode up in. 4 trigger mode requires the train to pass 4 triggers. The first and third in direction of travel are the activation triggers. Second and fourth are ignored in direction of travel. Place the second and third each side of the crossing near to it.
Yes, The cantilevers are time-able to the crossing, You have to set both to Near identical settings as well as be sure they are either running off the same slave or multiple slaves with settings that match.

I noticed something from the pic. It looks like you are using the NRC settup instead of the 6L2T crossing.
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