TRC 3 ignoring TRC Compatible assets


Jr.hogger1 & Agrotred40
So this is post is a result of some issues I was having with vincentrh's TRC 3 system and some of reggiestrainz's TRC crossing equipment.
I just got started editing routes on TRS19 and I've recently gotten all the most up to date assets of the TRC 3 Trigger system. But when I got a few set up (as I would normally do back in TANE) and got into Driver, some things would not activate. I went back to surveyor and came to find that certain assets weren't showing up on the TRC 3 trigger menus.
The assets that seemed to fly under the TRC's radar here was Reggiestrainz Safetran Cantilevers ( and GRS Signal Pack ( The part that was extremely puzzling though was that I could put his WCH signals into the TRC 3 System ( and that they would operate no problem. So that's three different TRC compatible crossings from the same creator and only one pack is working as intended.
Other objects that the TRC 3 System seems to fail to acknowledge is the ATLS-TRC Compatible Slave(TF) <kuid2:739738:101421:2> and any of The Backshops signals.
Now bear in mind I have all assets up to date. TRC 3 Trigger is <kuid2:458053:100686:16>, TRC Library is at <kuid2:458053:100979:4>, TRC 3 Interlocking Tower is at <kuid2:61392:8191:13> and Named Objects Library is at <kuid2:61392:4053:25>.
And I'm setting up the TRC crossings in the same order as I've always done in TANE:
Stopper -> Triggers -> Signals

No matter how many times I refreshed the Trigger menu, deleted/re-downloaded assets, tried to make the game use older versions, or redid the entire setup altogether, I'm still unable to incorporate the GRS or Safetran Cantilever signal packs into any TRC 3 system I set up. I'm not sure if it's because those reggiestrainz assets don't function with TRC 3 equipment or something in one of the TRC trigger updates had compromised the functionality of those signals with the TRC 3 system.

If anyone has any reason or theory to why these assets are not getting along in TRS19 and know how to fix, any help or advice would be appreciated.

Make sure the assets have these settings in the config.txt files.

category-class "WX"
custom-category-list "TRC"

If these are missing or incorrect, the assets won't work.