How do I do a search for a PHRASE on this forum?


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Perhaps I'm eat up with the dumbass, but I cannot figure out how to search for a phrase on this forum!

Forgive me if this is posted in the wrong place, didn't see anything more appropriate.

All I see under "advanced search" is "keyword", User Name" and "Tag".

Looking for the phrase; "Image file 'engine_art/engine_art_icon.tga' is incorrectly used as both a texture.txt source file and a raw image file" so I can attempt to fix one of my engines!


Yeah, vBulletin's search feature is horrendous, to put it nicely. I think putting an exact phrase in quotes works. It definitely works if you search via Google. If all else fails, Google it with this format: "exact phrase"
I concur with RRSignal. Searching on vBulletin stinks.

I always use Google or Bing myself. Sometimes just putting in the phrase finds the forums here anyway. If not I use trainz: then the words I'm looking for, and that also finds the stuff most of the time.

I use the same as RRSignal, in fact I have it bookmarked on the bookmark toolbar, not used the forum search for a couple of years now.
no, simply look for phrase on Google and it takes me to what I want. Works every time! If you have a solution for this website, please share.