HOG errors tile_blank.dat not loading


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Hi all,
I wonder if any one can help with this. I am attempting to create a gnd file from a DEM and when ever I I attempt to create it I get an error with the tile_blank.dat file not loading. I have checked antivirus and turned it off, and extracted the program iles in the correct order.

Can anyone shine any light on this

This looks like the well-known folder bug in HOG. The easiest way to avoid it is to place all input and output files into the same folder where the HOG.exe resides.
Thanks very much

Thanks that fixed it. :) The documentation is a bit incomplete unless I have not been looking in the right place?

You've been looking in the right places...the information just isn't easily found. I figured out how to use it on a third install, and just by chance. It can be a goofy program if you don't have the right information. Happy route-making! :wave: