Trainz and DRM

Lol - Zec (helpdesk), Chris (lead programmer) and I (owner/boss/whatever) all posted after midnight on the same thread, without knowing anyone else was about to post - quiet Saturday night here in Oz I guess. I think it does also illustrate that Trainz is what we are about these days at N3V Games. It would be great to rekindle the good old days where people were excited about the future ahead rather than searching for conspiracies and trying to predict worst case scenarios.
Don't worry Tony, most people here are perfectly capable of making up their own minds without the panic makers doing it for them.

Thank You, Tony and Chris for these posts. I'm not well versed on this stuff being somewhat of a luddite, so I am pretty much neutral on the whole DRM thing having little experience with it. I agree that there is a lot of paranoia and word twisting, we have some dedicated freighthouse lawyers here so it's easy for me to get confused and sucked in by some of the conspiracy theories. Any clarification, however small is very helpful, at least to me.
I can't quite understand the quote above, but to clarify things before they get further out of hand, I'm going to go out on a limb here and state we do not use Byteshield in Trainz and do not ever intend to. I "think" this page is dug up from a page created many years ago that was linked to from games we published for Jowood (Guild etc).

Thanks for pointing that out Tony. The picture becomes quite clear as I now understand exactly where you are coming from. Therefore, on your behalf and the rest of the forum community. I wish to make an apology and take back my abrubt, biased, obnoxious and prefabricated accusations as I fully did not read between the lines whereas Byteshield is as stated otherwise having any affiliation within all of the Trainz franchise.

In openly admitting that I had made such false claims, in my stance to alleviate. I will now hold my breath and stand down from this thread.
I'm also leaving this thread alone as well to avoid causing any issues further down the line, as it seems that according to the OP I'm already a troublemaker in his eyes - only time will tell on that one. I also apologise to the moderators if I've broken any rules during this thread.

I just received an email regarding a product on sale. Usually I would jump at it, not now. I'm stuck with my boxed TANE purchase,but i will let everyone know when I decline to purchase DLC due to DRM. I'm sure it will not take long for my declined purchases to exceed the $109.00 paid for the original boxed TANE product. This is money out of N3V's pocket. I am 100% against DRM in TANE for the reasons listed in the forgoing posts. Drop this insane DRM and I'll go back to buying DLC.
I'm sure that N3V doesn't care whether you purchase DLC, or not ... You not purchasing DLC does not affect N3V sales, and hurts only you ... it only assures that you will not have any DLC to run in Trainz, if you do not purchase it.

Apparently the DRM makes pirating and copying of DLC impossible ... So as long as the Company N3V survives, your DLC will be checked and verified every 30 days ...

If a time comes when the Company N3V no longer exists, your payware may vaporize, when the servers are turned off, or when internet service is terminated for longer than 30 days.

Stuck with a boxed T:ANE disc ... You ordered it
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I'm glad this thread was bumped.
I hadn't seen it, because I wasn't around.
I just read the first 14 pages or so, and got bored.

We all have an opinion on DRM, and I don't think this thread should start up again because it's all been said, so let's just make our own choices, knowing that it is our right to embrace or reject whatever product or service we get for our hard-earned cash.

Personally, I'll wait until T:ANE is very stable and requires no further Service Packs, and then I'll order the boxed version, so that no further Service Pack can hold me to ransom by moving the goalposts and adding full-game DRM to it.
I may even buy the digital version in the meantime.

Anyway, no-one has any more right to an opinion than anyone else, and should at least be treated with respect.
And that applies to both sides.

People should be aware of what they're getting for their money.
Small print is getting smaller and smaller every year, and knowledge is power.

I'll just leave this video here:

Hallo guys, sorry to bump the bump, but how particularly I am able to get my boxed TANE DRM free?